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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jul-2017BCAT1 controls metabolic reprogramming in activated human macrophages and is associated with inflammatory diseasesPapathanassiu, AE; Ko, JH; Imprialou, M; Bagnati, M; Srivastava, PK, et al
30-Jun-2017Circulating complement factor H-related proteins 1 and 5 correlate with disease activity in IgA nephropathyMedjeral-Thomas, NR; Lomax-Browne, HJ; Beckwith, H; Willicombe, M; McLean, AG, et al
Apr-2019Complement activity influences glomerular inflammation and clinical severity in IgA nephropathy and C3 glomerulopathyPickering, Matthew; Cook, Herbert Terence; Medjeral-Thomas, Nicholas;
3-Feb-2016Complement receptor 3 mediates renal protection in experimental C3 glomerulopathyBarbour, TD; Ling, GS; Ruseva, MM; Fossati-Jimack, L; Cook, HT, et al
1-May-2018Epoxygenase inactivation exacerbates diet and aging-associated metabolic dysfunction resulting from impaired adipogenesisOlona, A; Terra, X; Ko, JH; Grau-Bove, C; Pinent, M, et al
3-Mar-2022Glomerulonephritis and autoimmune vasculitis are independent of P2RX7 but may depend on alternative inflammasome pathways.Prendecki, M; McAdoo, SP; Turner-Stokes, T; Garcia-Diaz, A; Orriss, I, et al
13-Jul-2016Identification of a nutrient sensing transcriptional network in monocytes by using inbred rat models of cafeteria dietMartinez-Micaelo, N; Gonzalez-Abuin, N; Terra, X; Ardevol, A; Pinent, M, et al
7-Jun-2017Identification of ceruloplasmin as a gene that affects susceptibility to glomerulonephritis through macrophage functionChen, T; Rotival, M; Behmoaras, JV; Chiu, LY; Bagnati, M, et al
28-Feb-2022Inhibition of spleen tyrosine kinase decreases donor specific antibody levels in a rat model of sensitizationTempest-Roe, S; Prendecki, M; McAdoo, S; Tanna, A; Turner-Stokes, T, et al
1-May-2016Partial complement factor H deficiency associates with C3 glomerulopathy and thrombotic microangiopathyVernon, KA; Ruseva, MM; Cook, HT; Botto, M; Malik, TH, et al
12-Apr-2018Primary IgA nephropathy: current challenges and future prospectsPenfold, R; Prendecki, M; McAdoo, S; Tam, FWK; , et al
14-Mar-2018RIPK3-deficient mice were not protected from nephrotoxic nephritisHill, NR; Cook, T; Pusey, C; Tarzi, R;
Apr-2015The role of complement iC3b in dense deposit diseasePickering, Matthew; Botto, Marina; Barbour, Thomas David;
Oct-2013The role of local complement factor H production in complement-mediated renal diseasePickering, Matthew; Botto, Marina; Vernon, Katherine Anne;
30-Jul-2016Spleen tyrosine kinase: a crucial player and potential therapeutic target in renal diseaseTam, FWK; Ma, TK-W; Mcadoo, SP; McAdoo, SPM; Ma, TK-M, et al
20-Jan-2017Targeting the tyrosine kinase signaling pathways for treatment of immune-mediated glomerulonephritis: from bench to bedside and beyondMa, TK-W; McAdoo, SP; Tam, FWK; , et al
1-Sep-2017The Endless Summer Thermoneutrality Prevents Monocytosis and Reduces AtherosclerosisWoollard, KJ; Murphy, AJ;
Sep-2018The role of the spleen tyrosine kinase pathway in driving inflammation in IgA nephropathyTam, FWK; McAdoo, S; , et al
Jul-2009Transcriptional regulation of the COL1A2 gene in fibroblasts.Bou-Gharios, George; Fragiadaki, Maria;
17-Oct-2014Update on C3 glomerulopathyBarbour, TD; Ruseva, MM; Pickering, MC;