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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2017Bioengineering and biomechanical approaches for pancreatic cancerdel Rio Hernandez, Armando; Lieberthal, Tyler J.;
Sep-2016Development of biomedical devices for the extracorporeal real-time monitoring and perfusion of transplant organsBoutelle, Martyn; Learney, Robert Michael;
Oct-2018Estimating general motion and intensity from event camerasDavison, Andrew; Leutenegger, Stefan; Bardow, Patrick Alexander;
May-2020Learned representations for real-time monocular SLAMDavison, Andrew; Leutenegger, Stefan; Czarnowski, Jan;
Jun-2015Pervasive motion tracking and physiological monitoringVaidyanathan, Ravi; Shefelbine, Sandra; Woodward, Richard;
Jul-2019Putting artificial intelligence into wearable human-machine interfaces – towards a generic, self-improving controllerVaidyanathan, Ravi; Childs, Peter; Admiraal, Marcel;
May-2019Shared control for hand-held robotsDemiris, Yiannis; Elsdon, Joshua;
Oct-2018SLAM and deep learning for 3D indoor scene understandingDavison, Andrew; Leutenegger, Stefan; McCormac, Brendan John;