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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2021A comparative analysis of statistical methods to estimate the reproduction number in emerging epidemics with implications for the current COVID-19 pandemicO'Driscoll, M; Harry, C; Donnelly, CA; Cori, A; Dorigatti, I, et al
11-Aug-2021Comparing the responses of the UK, Sweden and Denmark to COVID-19 using counterfactual modellingMishra, S; Scott, JA; Laydon, DJ; Flaxman, S; Gandy, A, et al
1-Oct-2021Data journalism and the COVID-19 pandemic: opportunities and challengesDesai, A; Nouvellet, P; Bhatia, S; Cori, A; Lassmann, B, et al
Jan-2020Estimating the number of undetected COVID-19 cases among travellers from mainland China.Bhatia, S; Imai, N; Cuomo-Dannenburg, G; Baguelin, M; Boonyasiri, A, et al
2021Explosive Nosocomial Outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 in a Rehabilitation Clinic: The Limits of Genomics for Outbreak ReconstructionAbbas, M; Robalo Nunes, T; Cori, A; Cordey, S; Laubscher, F, et al
12-Apr-2021Genetic evidence for the association between COVID-19 epidemic severity and timing of non-pharmaceutical interventionsRagonnet-Cronin, M; Boyd, O; Geidelberg, L; Jorgensen, D; Nascimento, F, et al
13-Nov-2021Non-pharmaceutical interventions, vaccination, and the SARS-CoV-2 delta variant in England: a mathematical modelling studySonabend, R; Whittles, LK; Imai, N; Perez Guzman, PN; Knock, E, et al
17-Feb-2021Reduction in mobility and COVID-19 transmissionNouvellet, P; Bhatia, S; Cori, A; Ainslie, K; Baguelin, M, et al
10-Jun-2021Reproducible parallel inference and simulation of stochastic state space models using odin, dust, and mcstate [version 2; peer review: 2 approved]FitzJohn, RG; Knock, ES; Whittles, LK; Perez-Guzman, PN; Bhatia, S, et al
1-May-2021Serological evaluation of onchocerciasis and lymphatic filariasis elimination in the Bakoye and Falémé Foci, MaliDolo, H; Coulibaly, YI; Sow, M; Dembélé, M; Doumbia, SS, et al
16-Apr-2021Using digital surveillance tools for near real-time mapping of the risk of infectious disease spreadBhatia, S; Lassmann, B; Cohn, E; Desai, AN; Carrion, M, et al