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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Feb-2017Assessment of myocardial microstructural dynamics by in vivo diffusion tensor cardiac magnetic resonanceNielles-Vallespin, S; Khalique, Z; Ferreira, PF; De Silva, R; Scott, AD, et al
8-May-2018Bile acids and their respective conjugates elicit different responses in neonatal cardiomyocytes: role of Gi protein, muscarinic receptors and TGR5.Diakonov, I; Gorelik, J; Swift, T; Ibrahim, E; Arunthavarajah, D, et al
Dec-2014Characterisation and modulation of the intracellular inflammatory signalling pathways activated during surgery with cardiopulmonary bypassHaskard, Dorian; Evans, Paul; Nguyen, Bao- Anh Vu;
17-Jan-2022Development of a CMR compatible large animal isolated heart model for direct comparison of beating and arrested heartsScott, A; Jackson, T; Khalique, Z; Gorodezky, M; Pardoe, B, et al
Oct-2013Development of a high temporal resolution spiral 3D phase velocity mapping technique for analysis of regional myocardial mechanicsKeegan, Jennifer; Firmin, David; Simpson, Robin Matthew;
1-Aug-2018Diffusion tensor cardiovascular magnetic resonance with a spiral trajectory: An in vivo comparison of echo planar and spiral stimulated echo sequencesGorodezky, M; Scott, AD; Ferreira, PF; Nielles-Vallespin, S; Pennell, DJ, et al
3-Apr-2017DT-CMR IMAGING OF DERANGED MICROSTRUCTURE IN SITUS INVERSUS TOTALISKhalique, Z; Ferreira, PF; Scott, AD; Nielles-Vallespin, S; Firmin, DN, et al
9-Dec-2016Feasibility of cardiovascular magnetic resonance derived coronary wave intensity analysisRaphael, CE; Keegan, J; Parker, KH; Simpson, R; Collinson, J, et al
3-Feb-2015Heterogeneity of diffusion tensor imaging measurements of fractional anisotropy and mean diffusivity in normal human hearts in vivoMcGill, LA; Scott, AD; Ferreira, P; Nielles-Vallespin, S; Ismail, TF, et al
Jun-2019High resolution in-vivo diffusion tensor cardiovascular magnetic resonance using a spiral k-space trajectoryScott, Andrew; Firmin, David; Gorodezky, Margarita;
25-Jan-2019High resolution in-vivo DT-CMR using an interleaved variable density spiral STEAM sequenceGorodezky, M; Ferreira, P; Nielles-Vallespin, S; Gatehouse, P; Pennell, D, et al
14-Jan-2015Integrated allelic, transcriptional, and phenomic dissection of the cardiac effects of titin truncations in health and disease.Roberts, AM; Ware, JS; Herman, DS; Schafer, S; Baksi, J, et al
22-Aug-2014Optimal diffusion weighting for in vivo cardiac diffusion tensor imagingScott, AD; Ferreira, PFADC; Nielles-Vallespin, S; Gatehouse, P; McGill, L-A, et al
6-Apr-2016Recovery of cardiac function in cardiomyopathy due to titin truncationFelkin, LE; Walsh, R; Ware, JS; Yacoub, MH; Birks, EJ, et al
27-Jun-2019The translational landscape of the human heartVan Heesch, S; Witte, F; Schneider-Lunitz, V; Schulz, JF; Adami, E, et al
18-Jan-2016Titin truncating mutations: a rare cause of dilated cardiomyopathy in the youngFatkin, D; Lam, L; Herman, DS; Benson, CC; Felkin, LE, et al
3-Feb-2015Transmural gradients of preferential diffusion motility in the normal rat myocardium characterized by diffusion tensor imagingGiannakidis, A; Ferreira, P; Gullberg, GT; Firmin, D; Pennell, DJ, et al
21-Sep-2017Ursodeoxycholic acid prevents ventricular conduction slowing and arrhythmia by restoring T-type calcium current in fetuses during cholestasisGorelik, J; Adeyemi, O; Alvarez-Laviada, A; Schultz, F; Ibrahim, E, et al
10-Sep-2019Widespread translational control of fibrosis in the human heart by RNA-binding proteinsChothani, S; Schäfer, S; Adami, E; Viswanathan, S; Widjaja, AA, et al
9-Aug-2019WWP2 regulates pathological cardiac fibrosis by modulating SMAD2 signalingChen, H; Moreno-Moral, A; Pesce, F; Devapragash, N; Mancini, M, et al