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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Feb-2017Adiposity and cancer at all anatomic sites: an umbrella review of the literatureKyrgiou, M; Kalliala, I; Markozannes, G; Gunter, M; Paraskevaidis, E, et al
16-May-2020Detecting endometrial cancer by blood spectroscopy: a diagnostic cross-sectional studyParaskevaidi, M; Morais, CLM; Ashton, KM; Stringfellow, HF; McVey, RJ, et al
26-Jul-2017Developing, implementing and disseminating a core outcome set for neonatal medicineWebbe, J; Grunton, G; Ali, S; Duffy, JMN; Modi, N, et al
26-Oct-2017Obesity and gynaecological and obstetrical conditions: an umbrella review of the literatureKalliala, I; Markozannes, G; Gunter, M; Paraskevaidis, E; Gabra, H, et al
31-Mar-2016Obesity and gynaecological cancer - an umbrella review and meta-analysisKalliala, I; Tsilidis, K; Kyrgiou, M;
21-Mar-2017P362: Vasopressin alone and with noradrenaline attenuates TNF-α production in an in-vitro model of monocyte priming and deactivationDavies, R; O'Dea, KP; Soni, S; Ward, JK; O'Callaghan, DJP, et al
27-Dec-2019Proteomic analysis of malignant and benign endometrium according to obesity and insulin resistance status using Reverse Phase Protein ArrayRaglan, O; Assi, N; Nautiyal, J; Kyrgiou, M; Lu, H, et al
1-Oct-2019Risk factors for endometrial cancer: An umbrella review of the literatureRaglan, O; Kalliala, I; Markozannes, G; Cividini, S; Gunter, MJ, et al
13-Sep-2016Sequential simulation (SqS) of clinical pathways: a tool for public and patient engagement in point-of-care diagnostics.Huddy, JR; Weldon, SM; Ralhan, S; Painter, T; Hanna, GB, et al
28-May-2021The association between obesity and weight loss after bariatric surgery on the vaginal microbiotaRaglan, O; MacIntyre, D; Mitra, A; Lee, YS; Smith, A, et al