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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Feb-2022A pandemic lesson for global lung diseases: exacerbations are preventable.Cookson, W; Moffatt, M; Rapeport, G; Quint, J; , et al
22-Dec-2021Comparison of the airway microbiota in children with chronic suppurative lung diseaseAhmed, B; Cox, MJ; Cuthbertson, L; James, P; Gardner, L, et al
31-Aug-2021Contribution of noncanonical splice variants to TTN truncating variants cardiomyopathyPatel, PN; Ito, K; Willcox, JAL; Haghighi, A; Jang, MY, et al
17-Feb-2021Endobronchial valve lung volume reduction and small airways function.Garner, J; Biddiscombe, MF; Meah, S; Lewis, A; Buttery, SC, et al
22-Oct-2018Evaluation of a hub-and-spoke model for the delivery of femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery within the context of a large randomised controlled trialRoberts, HW; Wagh, VK; Mullens, IJM; Borsci, S; Ni, MZ, et al
1-Mar-2017Financial modelling of femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery within the National Health Service using a 'hub and spoke' model for the delivery of high-volume cataract surgeryRoberts, HW; Ni, MZ; O'Brart, DPS;
30-Jul-2020Health service use by patients with heart failure living in a community setting: a cross-sectional analysis in North West LondonKim, D; Hayhoe, B; Aylin, P; Cowie, M; Bottle, R, et al
3-May-2019Heterogeneity of treatment effect by baseline risk of mortality in critically ill patients: re-analysis of three recent sepsis and ARDS randomised controlled trialsSanthakumaran, S; Gordon, AC; Prevost, A; O'Kane, C; McAuley, DF, et al
7-Jul-2015Impact of prolonged exacerbation recovery in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseDonaldson, GC; Law, M; Kowlessar, B; Singh, R; Brill, SE, et al
27-Sep-2021Integrated genomics point to immune vulnerabilities in pleural mesotheliomaNastase, A; Mandal, A; Lu, SK; Abunathan, H; Morris-Rosendahl, D, et al
1-Mar-2021Mechanisms of atomization from rotary dental instruments and its mitigationSergis, A; Wade, WG; Gallagher, JE; Morrell, AP; Patel, S, et al
29-Mar-2021Myocardial remodelling after withdrawing therapy for heart failure in patients with recovered dilated cardiomyopathy: insights from TRED-HFHalliday, B; Owen, R; Gregson, J; Vassiliou, V; Chen, X, et al
31-Aug-2021New variant with a previously unrecognized mechanism of pathogenicity in hypertrophic cardiomyopathyAguib, Y; Allouba, M; Walsh, R; Ibrahim, AM; Halawa, S, et al
3-Nov-2021Patient symptoms and experience following COVID-19: results from a UK-wide surveyButtery, S; Philip, K; Williams, P; Fallas, A; West, B, et al
2-Mar-2021Protocol: A discrete choice experiment (DCE) to quantify the influence of trial features on the decision to participate in Cystic Fibrosis (CF) clinical trialsDavies, J; Dobra, R; Boeri, M; Elborn, S; Kee, F, et al
26-Jan-2021Systematic large-scale assessment of the genetic architecture of left ventricular non-compaction reveals diverse aetiologiesMazzarotto, F; Hawley, MH; Beltrami, M; Beekman, L; De Marvao, A, et al
Jan-2022The feasibility of home monitoring of young people with cystic fibrosis: results from CLIMB-CFEdmondson, C; Westrupp, N; Seddon, P; Olden, C; Wallis, C, et al
19-Jul-2021The relationship between heart failure and the risk of acute exacerbation of COPDAxson, E; Bottle, R; Cowie, M; Quint, J;
1-Sep-2018Time and motion studies of National Health Service cataract theatre lists to determine strategies to improve efficiencyRoberts, HW; Myerscough, J; Borsci, S; Ni, M; O'Brart, DPS, et al