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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Nov-2017Altered caudate connectivity is associated with executive dysfunction after traumatic brain injuryDe Simoni, S; Jenkins, PO; Bourke, N; Fleminger, JJ; Hellyer, PJ, et al
2-Jun-2016Catecholamines and cognition after traumatic brain injuryJenkins, PO; Mehta, MA; Sharp, DJ;
1-Jun-2015Concussion is confusing us all.Sharp, DJ; Jenkins, PO;
Jan-2021Detecting axonal injury in individual patients after traumatic brain injury.Jolly, AE; Balaet, M; Azor, A; Friedland, D; Sandrone, S, et al
22-Oct-2016Disconnection between the default mode network and medial temporal lobes in post-traumatic amnesiaDe Simoni, S; Grover, PJ; Jenkins, PO; Honeyfield, L; Quest, R, et al
19-May-2016Disruption to the dopaminergic system following traumatic brain injuryJenkins, P; De Simoni, S; Fleminger, J; Bourke, N; Jolly, A, et al
7-May-2020Distinct dopaminergic abnormalities in traumatic brain injury and Parkinson’s diseaseJenkins, P; Roussakis, A-A; De Simoni, S; Bourke, N; Fleminger, J, et al
17-Jan-2018Dopaminergic abnormalities following traumatic brain injuryJenkins, PO; De Simoni, S; Bourke, N; Fleminger, J; Scott, G, et al
28-Mar-2016Prevalence and correlates of vitamin D deficiency in adults after traumatic brain injuryJamall, O; Feeney, C; Zaw-Linn, J; Malik, A; Niemi, M, et al
2-Jan-2021Traumatic brain injury: a comparison of diffusion and volumetric magnetic resonance imaging measuresBourke, N; Yanez-Lopez, M; Jenkins, P; De Simoni, S; Cole, J, et al