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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2018A novel constitutive model for multi-step stress relaxation ageing of a pre-strained 7xxx series alloyZheng, J; Lin, J; Pan, R; Lee, J; Li, C, et al
24-Dec-2020A review on solid riveting techniques in aircraft assemblingZhao, H; Xi, J; Zheng, K; Shi, Z; Lin, J, et al
4-Sep-2020A study on the hot roll bonding of aluminum alloysZinong, T; Bing, Z; Jun, J; Zhiqiang, L; Jianguo, L, et al
1-Jun-2018An integrated model to predict residual stress reduction by multiple cold forging operations in extra-large AA7050 T-section panelsPan, R; Shi, Z; Davies, CM; Li, C; Kaye, M, et al
31-Mar-2015Effect of forming parameters on electron beam Surfi-Sculpt protrusion for Ti-6Al-4VWang, X; Ahn, J; Bai, Q; Lu, W; Lin, J, et al
18-Sep-2018Effect of initial temper on mechanical properties of creep-aged Al-Cu-Li alloy AA2050Li, Y; Yang, Y-L; Rong, Q; Shi, Z; Lin, J, et al
14-Mar-2018Formability and microstructure evolution mechanisms of Ti6Al4V alloy during a novel hot stamping processKopec, M; Wang, K; Politis, DJ; Wang, Y; Wang, L, et al
1-Nov-2015Influences of residual stresses and initial distortion on springback prediction of 7B04-T651 aluminium plates in creep-age formingLam, ACL; Shi, Z; Lin, J; Huang, X; , et al
26-Oct-2015Material modelling and its application to creep-age forming of aluminium alloy 7B04Lam, ACL; Shi, Z; Huang, X; Yang, Y-L; Zeng, Y, et al
10-Aug-2015Material modelling for creep-age forming of aluminium alloy 7B04Lam, ACL; Shi, Z; Huang, X; Yang, Y-L; Zeng, Y, et al
15-Nov-2017Numerical simulation for creep age forming of aluminium alloy 7050 saddle-shaped partLyu, F; Huang, X; Zeng, Y; Shi, Z; Wang, M, et al