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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Feb-20183D microfluidic liver cultures as physiological preclinical tool for hepatitis B virus infectionOrtega-Prieto, AM; Skelton, JK; Wai, SN; Large, E; Lussignol, M, et al
1-May-2018A Hitchhiker's guide to humanized mice: new pathways to studying viral infectionsSkelton, JK; Ortega-Prieto, AM; Dorner, M; , et al
10-Mar-2021Acoustic energy balance during the onset, growth and saturation of thermoacoustic instabilitiesGaudron, R; Yang, D; Morgans, A;
Jul-2016Advanced control for a novel biologically inspired needle steering systemRodriguez y Baena, Ferdinando; Davies, Brian; Burrows, Christopher Anthony;
Oct-2018Alkali metal solutions in low-polarity solventsBarrett, Anthony Gerard Martin; Riedel, Rene;
10-Nov-2017All is not lost: deriving a top-down mass budget of plastic at seaKoelmans, AA; Kooi, M; Law, KL; Van Sebille, E;
25-Nov-2020An improved statistical approach for reconstructing past climates from biotic assemblagesPrentice, IC; Liu, M; Ter Braak, CJF; Harrison, SP;
Aug-2015Analysing directed network dataPrzulj, Natasa; Rueckert, Daniel; Sarajlic, Anida;
Nov-2013Analysing high frame-rate camera trackingDavison, Andrew; Maja, Pantic; Handa, Ankur;
Sep-2018The anatomy and evolution of "acanthodian" stem-chondrichthyansBrazeau, Martin; Dearden, Richard Peter;
22-Dec-2017Anticyclonic eddies increase accumulation of microplastic in the North Atlantic subtropical gyreBrach, L; Deixonne, P; Bernard, M-F; Durand, E; Desjean, M-C, et al
Jan-2016Application of gold nanorods in cancer theranosticsElson, Daniel; Hanna, George; Singh, Mohan;
Sep-2013Approximation methodologies for explicit model predictive control of complex systemsPistikopoulos, Stratos; Lambert, Romain;
1-Jul-2018Assessment of a noninvasive exhaled breath test for the diagnosis of oesophagogastric cancerMarkar, S; Wiggins, T; Antonowicz, S; Chin, S-T; Romano, A, et al
Jul-2015Asymptotically conical Ricci-flat Kahler metrics with cone singularitiesDonaldson, Simon; de Borbon, Gonzalo Martin;
6-Dec-2016B cell antigen extraction is regulated by physical properties of antigen-presenting cellsSpillane, KM; Tolar, P;
Oct-2016Bacterial chemotaxis: from information processing to behaviourEndres, Robert; Micali, Gabriele;
May-2018Barium titanate: photophysics, photocatalysis & the influence of the ferroelectric effectDurrant, James; Kim, Ji-Seon; Morris, Madeleine Rachel; , et al
25-May-2021Behavioral fingerprints predict insecticide and anthelmintic mode of actionMcDermott-Rouse, A; Minga, E; Barlow, I; Feriani, L; Harlow, P, et al
2-Feb-2018Biomechanics of HIV and immune cell interactions investigated using magnetic tweezer force spectroscopyFlewellen, JL; Tolar, P;