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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2018Computational analysis and modelling of graph-structured neuroimaging dataRueckert, Daniel; Ktena, Ira; , et al
19-Oct-2017Ethoscopes: An open platform for high-throughput ethomics.Geissmann, Q; Garcia Rodriguez, L; Beckwith, EJ; French, AS; Jamasb, AR, et al
20-Feb-2019Most sleep does not serve a vital function: evidence from Drosophila melanogasterGeissmann, Q; Beckwith, E; Gilestro, G; , et al
12-Sep-2017Regulation of sleep homeostasis by sexual arousalBeckwith, EJ; Geissmann, Q; French, AS; Gilestro, GF; , et al
16-Jan-2019Rethomics: an R framework to analyse high-throughput behavioural dataGeissmann, Q; Garcia Rrodriguez, L; Beckwith, E; Gilestro, G; , et al