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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Dec-2018A systematic review of decision-support tools for regenerative medicineLam, C; Meinert, E; Alturkistani, A; Carter, A; Karp, J, et al
31-Mar-2020Application of “Internet of Things” in cell-based therapy delivery: a systematic review protocolLam, C; Van Velthoven, M; Meinert, E;
May-2018Barium titanate: photophysics, photocatalysis & the influence of the ferroelectric effectDurrant, James; Kim, Ji-Seon; Morris, Madeleine Rachel; , et al
-Blockchain vehicles for efficient Medical Record managementVazirani, A; O’Donoghue, O; Brindley, D; Meinert, E;
May-2019Capabilities, networks, and directionality: innovation policy for sustainable development goalsSteward, Fred; Skea, Jim; Larsen, Henrik;
Mar-2019Climate change mitigation potential of lignocellulosic succinic acid: assessing feedstock supply and integrated land use options in a UK Wheat-Miscanthus bio-succinic acid-based bioplastics production systemWoods, Jeremy; Ni, Yuanzhi;
1-Aug-2018Data and corporate governance in pharma and digital health: a necessary regulatory convergenceCarter, A; Meinert, E; Brindley, D;
2-Apr-2019Data collection approaches to enable evaluation of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) about data science for continuing education in healthcare: case studyAlturkistani, A; Majeed, F; Car, J; Brindley, D; Wells, G, et al
10-May-2019Design choices and trade-offs in healthcare blockchain implementations: Systematic reviewO'Donoghue, O; Vazirani, A; Brindley, D; Meinert, E;
17-Jul-2018Determining the effectiveness of a massive open online course in data science for healthAlturkistani, A; Car, J; Majeed, A; Brindley, D; Wells, G, et al
Apr-2018Development of a systems approach for studying decarbonisation pathways of heat demand in the UKHawkes, Adam; Jalil Vega, Francisca Alejandra;
12-Mar-2020Development of an innovative real world evidence registry for the herpes simplex Virus: a case studyVan Velthoven, M; Lam, C; De Cock, C; Stenfors, T; Chaudhury, H, et al
Sep-2017Development of new on-board battery diagnosis/prognosis tools for extending lifetime and mitigating failureOffer, Gregory; Wu, Billy; Yufit, Vladimir; Martinez-Botas, Ricardo; Merla, Yu, et al
2-Feb-2019Digital technology in somatic and gene therapy trials of paediatric patients with ocular diseases: a systematic scoping review protocolMeinert, E; Alturkistani, A; Osama, T; Halioua-Haubold, C; Car, J, et al
15-Dec-2019Engineering requirements of a Herpes simplex virus patient registry: discovery phase of a real-world evidence platform to advance pharmacogenomics and personalized medicineSurodina, S; Ching, L; De Cock, C; Van Velthoven, M; Milne-Ives, M, et al
Apr-2018Essays on corporate risk management and insuranceBiffis, Enrico; Benedetti, Davide;
4-Jun-2019Examining cost measurements in production and delivery of three case studies using eLearning for Applied Health Sciences: a cross-case synthesisMeinert, E; Alturkistani, A; Foley, K; Brindley, D; Car, J, et al
4-Oct-2018Health information technology uses for primary prevention in preventive medicine: A scoping review protocolAlturkistani, A; Majeed, F; Car, J; Brindley, D; Wells, G, et al
Jun-2017Hydrological and energy performance of multifunctional green roofsMaksimovic, Cedo; Mijic, Ana; Buytaert, Wouter; Liu, Xi;
8-Feb-2019Implementation of blockchains in healthcare: protocol for a systematic reviewMeinert, E; Alturkistani, A; Foley, K; Osama, T; Car, J, et al