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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2017Applications of modal decomposition algorithms to dynamic estimation and reconstruction of fluid flowsWynn, Andrew; Krol, Jakub;
Jun-2017The effect of social networks on the participation by those with parental responsibility in the baby immunisation programme in the UKFerguson, Neil; Fraser, Christophe; Pople, Diane Mary;
Dec-2014Effective finance for food security under climate changeMakuch, Zen; Wright, Helena Louise;
Jun-2014Electricity and energy price interactions in modern EU marketsGreen, Richard; Castagneto Gissey, Giorgio;
Aug-2010Electricity Demand: Measurement, modelling and management of UK homesPotter, Clive; Bilton, Mark Julian;
Nov-2013The impact and cost of ivermectin control strategies against River Blindness in AfricaBasáñez, María-Gloria; Churcher, Thomas; Turner, Hugo;
May-2016Institutions, organizations and markets for inclusive growthGeorge, Gerard; Gann, David; Corbishley, Christopher;
Oct-2018Iterative synthesis for precision manufacture of high value polymersLivingston, Andrew; Liu, Ruiyi;
Jun-2014A life course study of quality of life at older ages in a French occupational cohortNetuveli, Gopal; Webb, Elizabeth; Platts, Loretta Grace;
Dec-2013Measuring the Contribution of KnowledgeHaskel, Jonathan; Goodridge, Peter;
Apr-2014Navigating the complexities of community monitoring reporting and verification (CMRV)Milner-Gulland, EJ; Makuch, Karen; Palmer Fry, Benjamin;
Jan-2018Near-IR and MRI probes towards multi-modal imaging and ion sensingLong, Nicholas; Coakley, Emma;
Dec-2013Novel strategies for the identification of biomarkers of non-Hodgkin lymphoma: evidence from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer (EPIC)Vineis, Paolo; Chadeau-Hyam, Marc; Kelly, Rachel;
Jan-2018Participatory Analysis and Management of Water and Ecosystem Services in the Upper Blue Nile BasinBuytaert, Wouter; Alemie, Tilashwork Chanie;
Sep-2020Perception and decision-making in residential energy efficiency retrofitHawkes, Adam; Miu, Luciana Maria;
Jun-2013Quality of life at older ages and marital status: gender and welfare regime variationNetuveli, Gopal; Blane, David; Webb, Elizabeth; Abell, Jessica;
Oct-2018Quantum thermodynamics in the strong coupling regimeNazir, Ahsan; Mintert, Florian; Newman, David;
Jan-2018The role of collaboration in emerging industries: The case of smart grids in the UKLeiponen, Aija; Kivleniece, Ilze; Perkmann, Markus; Gradillas, Maria;
Jan-2014The Role of Fundamentals in Asset PricingDistaso, Walter; Sefton, James; Roberts, Ian;
Jul-2014Scientific management at work: the Bedaux system, management consulting, and worker efficiency in British industry, 1914-48Edgerton, David; Thane, Pat; Weatherburn, Michael;