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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-May-2021Association between intrahospital transfer and hospital-acquired infection in the elderly: A retrospective case-control study in a UK hospital networkBoncea, E; Expert, P; Mitchell, C; Honeyford, K; Kinderlerer, A, et al
2009Bayesian methods for modelling non-random missing data mechanisms in longitudinal studiesRichardson, Sylvia; Plewis, Ian; Mason, Alexina Jane;
23-Jan-2020Conceptualising the integration of strategies by Clinical Commissioning Groups in England towards the antibiotic prescribing targets for the Quality Premium financial incentive scheme: a short reportAnyanwu, PE; Borek, AJ; Tonkin-Crine, S; Beech, E; Costelloe, C, et al
-Do antibiotic stewardship interventions in primary care have an effect on antimicrobial resistance of Escherichia coli bacteraemia in England? An ecological analysis of national data between 2013-2018Aliabadi, S; Anyanwu, P; Beech, E; Jauneikaite, E; Wilson, P, et al
Mar-2020Future tense: exploring dissonance in young people’s images of the future through design futures methodsAngheloiu, C; Sheldrick, L; Tennant, M;
23-Apr-2019Future tense: harnessing design futures methods to facilitate young people’s exploration of transformative change for sustainabilityAngheloiu, C; Sheldrick, L; Tennant, M; Chaudhuri, G;
15-Aug-2021How are mathematical models and results from mathematical models of vaccine-preventable diseases used, or not, by global health organizations?Christen, P; Conteh, L;
11-Dec-2021Influence of material deprivation on clinical outcomes among people living with HIV in high-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysisPapageorgiou, V; Davies, B; Cooper, E; Singer, A; Ward, H, et al
14-Jul-2020Investigating the mechanism of impact and differential effect of the Quality Premium scheme on antibiotic prescribing in England: a longitudinal studyAnyanwu, PE; Pouwels, K; Walker, A; Moore, M; Majeed, A, et al
3-Sep-2019Investigating the mechanism of impact of the quality premium initiative on antibiotic prescribing in primary care practices in England: a study protocolAnyanwu, P; Tonkin-Crine, S; Borek, A; Costelloe, C;
May-2014Making friends with benefits: an investigation into the use of incentives for the conservation of forest commonsMilner-Gulland, E.J.; Travers, Henry;
11-Jan-2016Passing the baton? Handing over digital data from the project to operationsWhyte, JK; Lindkvist, C; Jaradat, S;
-Power/knowledge and identity : development interventions in a Maya villagePoole, Dr Nigel; Gauthier, Dr Remi; Frece, Annabel de;
1-Jul-2020Private landlords and energy efficiency: Evidence for policymakers from a large-scale study in the United KingdomMiu, LM; Hawkes, A;
Dec-2014The relationship between HIV, vulnerability, and school education in eastern ZimbabweGregson, Simon; Eaton, Jeffrey; Robertson, Laura; Pufall, Erica Lynne; , et al
1-Dec-2020Social and contextual influences on antibiotic prescribing and antimicrobial stewardship: a qualitative study with clinical commissioning group and general practice professionalsBorek, AJ; Anthierens, S; Allison, R; Mcnulty, CAM; Anyanwu, PE, et al
1-Sep-2020Urban futures: Systemic or system changing interventions? A literature review using Meadows' leverage points as analytical frameworkAngheloiu, C; Tennant, M;
-We see data everywhere except in the productivity statisticsGoodridge, P; Haskel, J; Edquist, H; , et al