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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Oct-2016A comparative analysis of ecosystem services valuation approaches for application at the local scale and in data scarce regionsPandeya, B; Buytaert, W; Zulkafli, Z; Karpouzoglou, T; Mao, F, et al
15-Jun-2021A real-world evaluation of a case-based reasoning algorithm to support antimicrobial prescribing decisions in acute careRawson, TM; Hernandez, B; Moore, L; Herrero, P; Charani, E, et al
11-Feb-2021A road-map for addressing antimicrobial resistance in low- and middle-income countries: lessons learnt from the public private participation and co-designed antimicrobial stewardship programme in the State of Kerala, IndiaSingh, S; Charani, E; Devi, S; Sharma, A; Edathadathil, F, et al
8-Aug-2018A simple assessment of housing retrofit policies for the UK: what should succeed the energy company obligation?Miu, LM; Wisniewska, N; Mazur, C; Hardy, J; Hawkes, A, et al
Sep-2019A surgical team simulation to improve teamwork and communication across two continents: ViSIOT Proof-of-Concept StudyWeldon, SM; Korkiakangas, T; Calzada, J; Korndorffer, JR; Kneebone, RL, et al
29-Mar-2019A whole-health-economy approach to antimicrobial stewardship: Analysis of current models and future directionMcLeod, M; Ahmad, R; Shebl, NA; Micallef, C; Sim, F, et al
25-May-2015Academic entrepreneurship: time for a rethink?Siegel, DS; Wright, M;
8-Sep-2015Accounting for universities’ impact: using augmented data to measure academic engagement and commercialization by academic scientistsPerkmann, M; Fini, R; Ross, J; Salter, A; Silvestri, C, et al
22-Dec-2015An extensive subglacial lake and canyon system in Princess Elizabeth Land, East AntarcticaJamieson, SSR; Ross, N; Greenbaum, JS; Young, DA; Aitken, ARA, et al
Sep-2020An optimal modal coordination strategy based on modal superposition theory to mitigate low frequency oscillation in FCWG penetrated power systemsLuo, J; Bu, S; Teng, F;
4-Jul-2018Articulating citizen participation in national antimicrobial resistance plans: a comparison of European countriesCastro Sanchez, EM; Iwami, M; Ahmad, R; Atun, R; Holmes, A, et al
1-May-2016Assaults, murders and walkers: The impact of violent crime on physical activityJanke, K; Propper, C; Shields, MA;
1-Mar-2021Assessing tropical forest restoration after fire using birds as indicators: An afrotropical case studyRurangwa, ML; Matthews, TJ; Niyigaba, P; Tobias, JA; Whittaker, RJ, et al
1-Jan-2015Association between market concentration of hospitals and patient health gain following hip replacement surgeryFeng, Y; Pistollato, M; Charlesworth, A; Devlin, N; Propper, C, et al
1-Feb-2014Asymptotic normality for weighted sums of linear processesAbadir, KM; Distaso, W; Giraitis, L; Koul, HL;
1-Mar-2022Attention to exploration: the effect of academic entrepreneurship on the production of scientific knowledgeFini, R; Perkmann, M; Ross, J-M;
2020Beyond the lean start-up: experimentation in corporate entrepreneurship and innovationHampel, C; Perkmann, M; Phillips, N;
Nov-2020Building resilient and responsive research collaborations to tackle antimicrobial resistance – lessons learnt from India, South Africa and UKCharani, E; Singh, S; Mendelson, M; Veepanattu, P; Nampoothiri, V, et al
3-Sep-2020Capacity for health economics research and practice in Jordan, Lebanon, the occupied Palestinian territories and Turkey: needs assessment and options for developmentGheorghe, A; Ismail, S; Gad, M; Chalkidou, K; , et al
1-Apr-2020Comparative life cycle assessment of lithium-ion battery chemistries for residential storageLe Varlet, T; Schmidt, O; Gambhir, A; Few, S; Staffell, I, et al