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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2017Additive manufacturing of locally resonant metamaterialsIannucci, Lorenzo; Curtis, Paul; Raza, Irfan Mohammad Hussain;
Sep-2013Analysis of compression failure in multidirectional laminatesGreenhalgh, Emile; Iannucci, Lorenzo; Tsampas, Spyridon;
Jun-2016Anomaly detection: sparse representation for high dimensional dataDai, Wei; Zhou, Guangyu;
Nov-2018An atom interferometer for measuring horizontal accelerationsHinds, Ed; Stammers, Jimmy;
Nov-2017The design and implementation of novel computational and machine learning approaches for modelling brain dynamics: towards more interpretable and real-time brain analysisLeech, Robert; Sharp, David; Dinov, Martin;
Jun-2021Dibenzoterrylene as a single photon sourceClark, Alexander; Hinds, Edward; Schofield, Ross; , et al
Oct-2013The dynamic response of blast-loaded monolithic and composite plated structuresLouca, Luke; McCallef, Karl;
Aug-2016Electropulsing of pearlitic steelsDye, David; Qin, Rongshan; Elliott-Bowman, Bernadette;
Jul-2013Highly instrumented static, dynamic, and impact testing of high performance materialsIannucci, Lorenzo; Robinson, Paul; Cwik, Tomasz;
Nov-2014Micro-scale hybrid fibres for low cost polymer armoursIannucci, Lorenzo; Curtis, Paul; Del Rosso, Stefano;
May-2016Multiscale predictive modelling of ultra-high temperature structural ceramicsNikbin, Kamran; Vandeperre, Luc; Pettina', Michele;
Oct-2019A new technique for tensile testing of high performance engineering materialTagarielli, Vito; Zhou, Junyi;
Jan-2017Optimised protocols for time-critical applications and internetworking in wehicular ad-hoc networksLeung, Kin K.; Rossi, Giorgia;
Jul-2017Silicon doped boron carbide for armourVandeperre, Luc; Giuliani, Finn; Besnard, Cyril;
Jul-2013Smoothed particle hydrodynamics for high velocity impact simulationsIannucci, Lorenzo; Hillier, Richard; Warburton, Keith; Connolly, Adam;
Dec-2015Theory of surface modes in structured plasmonic arraysHess, Ortwin; Pendry, John; Wood, John Jesse;
Sep-2013Widely Linear State Space Filtering of Improper Complex SignalsMandic, Danilo; Dini, Dahir Hersi;