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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2013All-fibre wavelength versatile short pulsed laser sourcesTaylor, James; Schmidt Castellani, Carlos Eduardo;
Aug-2018Coherent phonons in plasmonic nanostructures and surface phonon polariton resonators for enhanced light-matter interaction in the mid-IRMaier, Stefan A.; Berté, Rodrigo;
Sep-2018Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of 1,8-naphthyridine derivatives as RSK4 inhibitors for the treatment of lung cancerBarrett, Anthony; Fuchter, Matthew; Dos Reis Cruz, Luiza;
Sep-2019A distributed control and coordination strategy based on voltage sensitivity for network managementGreen, Tim; Ribeiro Furtado De Mendonca, Thiago;
Sep-2018Evolutionary systems biology of virus-host interactionsPinney, John; Fernandes de Brito, Anderson;
Sep-2020Joint probabilistic modelling of images and non-imaging covariates: a causal perspectiveGlocker, Benjamin; Deisenroth, Marc; Coelho de Castro, Daniel;
Oct-2014The Limits of Bioenergy : A Complex Systems Approach to Land Use Dynamics and ConstraintsWoods, Jeremy; Shah, Nilay; Strapasson, Alexandre Betinardi;
Oct-2019The role of excitation and inhibition in learning and memory formationClopath, Claudia; Pedrosa Braga Cavalcanti, Victor;