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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2017Experimental and numerical investigation of soft impact loading on aircraft materialsCharalambides, Maria; Dear, John; Zhou, Jie;
Jul-2016Experimental characterisation and numerical simulation of fibre laser welding of AA 2024-T3 and Ti-6Al-4VDear, John; Davies, Catrin; Ahn, Joseph;
May-2020Hot stamping of titanium alloysWang, LiLiang; Lin, Jianguo; Kopec, Mateusz;
Aug-2016Impact performance and shear strength of composite materials for aerospace applicationsDear, John; Mohagheghian, Iman; Yu, Long;
Sep-2017A novel process for forming T-section components with low residual stresses in aluminium alloysDavies, Catrin; Lin, Jianguo; Pan, Ran;