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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2019Aminophylline and progesterone prevent inflammation-induced preterm parturition in the mouseHerbert, BR; Markovic, D; Georgiou, E; Lai, PF; Singh, N, et al
Apr-2016Argon as a potential strategy against the neurotoxicity of nitrous oxide and perinatal hypoxia/ischemia induced brain injuryMa, Daqing; Johnson, Mark; Savage, Sinead; , et al
5-Sep-2017Assessment of arterial function in pregnancy: recommendations of the International Working Group on Maternal Haemodynamics.Foo, FL; McEniery, CM; Lees, C; Khalil, A; International Working Group on Maternal Haemodynamics, et al
1-Aug-2018Association between prepregnancy cardiovascular function and subsequent preeclampsia or fetal growth restrictionFoo, F; Mahendru, A; Masini, G; Fraser, A; Cacciatore, S, et al
-Brain volume abnormalities and clinical outcomes following paediatric traumatic brain injuryBourke, N; Demarchi, C; De Simoni, S; Samra, R; Patel, M, et al
10-Apr-2019Cardiac output changes from prior to pregnancy to post partum using two non-invasive techniquesMasini, G; Foo, LF; Cornette, J; Tay, J; Rizopoulos, D, et al
24-Dec-2021Clinical management and impact of scarlet fever in the modern era: findings from a cross-sectional study of cases in London, 2018-2019Herdman, MT; Cordery, R; Karo, B; Purba, AK; Begum, L, et al
27-Sep-2016Cyclic AMP effectors regulate myometrial oxytocin receptor expressionYulia, A; Singh, N; Lei, K; Sooranna, SR; Johnson, MR, et al
Jul-2017Developing a non-invasive treatment for twin-twin transfusion syndrome using high intensity focused ultrasound in an animal modelLees, Christoph; Bennett, Phil; Shaw, Caroline Jayne; , et al
12-May-2016Development of Early Adiposity in Infants of Mothers With Gestational Diabetes MellitusLogan, K; Emsley, RJ; Jeffries, S; Andrzejewska, I; Hyde, MJ, et al
26-May-2016Diabetes in pregnancy and infant adiposity: systematic review and meta-analysisLogan, K; Gale, C; Hyde, M; Santhakumaran, S; Modi, N, et al
22-Jun-2016Differential impact of acute and prolonged cAMP agonist exposure on protein kinase A activation and human myometrium contractile activityLai, PF; Tribe, RM; Johnson, MR;
Aug-2021Evaluating aminophylline and progesterone combination treatment to modulate contractility and laborÔÇÉrelated proteins in pregnant human myometrial tissuesLai, PF; Young, RC; Tribe, RM; Johnson, MR;
10-Apr-2019First trimester circulating MicroRNA biomarkers predictive of subsequent preterm delivery and cervical shorteningCook, J; Bennett, P; Kim, SH; Teoh, TG; Sykes, L, et al
-Frequency of Transmission, asymptomatic shedding, and airborne spread of Streptococcus pyogenes among school children exposed to scarlet fever: a longitudinal multi-cohort molecular epidemiology contact tracing studyCordery, R; Purba, A; Begum, L; Mills, E; Mosavie, M, et al
16-Jun-2016High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) ablation of placental vasculature: Feasibility, fetal and maternal safetyShaw, CJ; Civale, J; Botting, KJ; Niu, Y; Giussani, DA, et al
19-Nov-2021Labour classified by cervical dilatation & fetal membrane rupture demonstrates differential impact on RNA-seq data for human myometrium tissues.Lai, PF; Lei, K; Zhan, X; Sooranna, G; Li, JKH, et al
5-May-2019Maternal and fetal cardiometabolic recovery following ultrasound-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound placental vascular occlusionShaw, CJ; Rivens, I; Civale, J; Botting, KJ; Allison, BJ, et al
2-Jul-2020Maternal and fetal cardiovascular and metabolic effects of intra-operative uterine handling under general anesthesia during pregnancy in sheepShaw, CJ; Botting, KJ; Niu, Y; Lees, CC; Giussani, DA, et al
Nov-2016The metabolic phenotype of the infant of the mother with gestational diabetesModi, Neena; Holmes, Elaine; Logan, Karen Mary;