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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Jul-2017Automatic measurement of contact angle in pore-space imagesAlRatrout, A; Raeini, AQ; Bijeljic, B; Blunt, MJ;
8-Feb-2017Automatic method for estimation of in situ effective contact angle from X-ray micro tomography images of two-phase flow in porous mediaScanziani, A; Singh, K; Blunt, MJ; Guadagnini, A;
15-Jan-2021Determination of contact angles for three-phase flow in porous media using an energy balanceBlunt, MJ; Alhosani, A; Lin, Q; Scanziani, A; Bijeljic, B, et al
1-Feb-2020Dynamics of enhanced gas trapping applied to CO2 storage in the presence of oil using synchrotron X-ray micro tomographyScanziani, A; Singh, K; Menke, H; Bijeljic, B; Blunt, MJ, et al
5-Aug-2020Dynamics of fluid displacement in mixed-wet porous mediaScanziani, A; Lin, Q; Alhosani, A; Blunt, M; Bijeljic, B, et al
14-Aug-2020Dynamics of water injection in an oil-wet reservoir rock at subsurface conditions: Invasion patterns and pore-filling eventsAlhosani, A; Scanziani, A; Lin, Q; Foroughi, S; Alhammadi, AM, et al
7-Sep-2017In situ characterization of mixed-wettability in a reservoir rock at subsurface conditions.Alhammadi, AM; AlRatrout, A; Singh, K; Bijeljic, B; Blunt, MJ, et al
Mar-2019Modeling oil recovery in mixed-wet rocks: Pore-scale comparison between experiment and simulationAkai, T; Alhammadi, AM; Blunt, MJ; Bijeljic, B;
Feb-2021Pore-scale characterization of carbon dioxide storage at immiscible and near-miscible conditions in altered-wettability reservoir rocksAlhosani, A; Lin, Q; Scanziani, A; Andrews, E; Zhang, K, et al
26-Apr-2021Pore-scale imaging and analysis of wettability order, trapping and displacement in three-phase flow in porous media with various wettabilitiesAlhosani, A; Bijeljic, B; Blunt, MJ;
21-Oct-2018Pore-scale Imaging and Characterization of Hydrocarbon Reservoir Rock Wettability at Subsurface Conditions Using X-ray MicrotomographyAlhammadi, AM; AlRatrout, A; Bijeljic, B; Blunt, MJ;
22-May-2020Pore-scale mechanisms of CO2 storage in oilfieldsAlhosani, A; Scanziani, A; Lin, Q; Raeini, A; Bijeljic, B, et al
May-2020Pore-scale X-ray imaging with measurement of relative permeability, capillary pressure and oil recovery in a mixed-wet micro-porous carbonate reservoir rockAlhammadi, AM; Gao, Y; Akai, T; Blunt, MJ; Bijeljic, B, et al
23-Dec-2020Three-phase flow displacement dynamics and Haines jumps in a hydrophobic porous mediumAlhosani, A; Scanziani, A; Lin, Q; Selem, A; Pan, Z, et al
4-Sep-2018Wettability in complex porous materials, the mixed-wet state, and its relationship to surface roughnessAlRatrout, A; Blunt, MJ; Bijeljic, B;