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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2015A dynamic mode decomposition framework for global power system oscillation analysisBarocio, E; Pal, BC; Thornhill, NF; Messina, AR; , et al
1-Dec-2015A semidefinite relaxation procedure for fault-tolerant observer designSegundo Sevilla, FR; Jaimoukha, I; Chaudhuri, B; Korba, P;
14-Oct-2020A survey of models of degradation for control applicationsZagorowska, M; Wu, O; Ottewill, JR; Reble, M; Thornhill, NF, et al
15-Jun-2020Adaptive detection and prediction of performance degradation in off-shore turbomachineryZagorowska, M; Schulze Sp√ľntrup, F; Ditlefsen, A-M; Imsland, L; Lunde, E, et al
1-May-2014Adaptive multi-channel transmission power control for industrial wireless instrumentationIkram, W; Petersen, S; Orten, P; Thornhill, NF; , et al
1-May-2020An on-line framework for monitoring nonlinear processes with multiple operating modesTan, R; Cong, T; Ottewill, JR; Baranowski, J; Thornhill, NF, et al
19-Jul-2018Assessment of flexible operation in an LNG plantXuan, YY; Pretlove, J; Thornhill, N; , et al
15-Jul-2020Determining the minimum energy requirement of an LNG process: New insights into the impact of the vapour liquid equilibriumXuan, IY; Pretlove, J; Haugen, T; Thornhill, NF; , et al
1-Jan-2020Fault detection and identification combining process measurements and statistical alarmsLucke, M; Stief, A; Chioua, M; Ottewill, JR; Thornhill, NF, et al
24-Mar-2022Flexible operation of a mixed fluid cascade LNG plant for electrical power managementXuan, IY; Skourup, C; Jensen, JB; Haugen, T; Thornhill, NF, et al
8-Apr-2022From oscillatory to non-oscillatory disturbances: a comparative review of root cause analysis methodsLucke, M; Chioua, M; Thornhill, N; , et al
3-Jul-2019Improving root cause analysis by detecting and removing transient changes in oscillatory time series with application to a 1,3-butadiene processZhou, B; Chioua, M; Bauer, M; Schlake, JC; Thornhill, NF, et al
3-Jul-2019Industrial PID control loop data repository and comparison of fault detection methodsBauer, M; Auret, L; Bacci di Capaci, R; Horch, A; Thornhill, NF, et al
5-Dec-2020Influence of compressor degradation on optimal operation of a compressor stationZagorowska, M; Skourup, C; Thornhill, NF; , et al
May-2020Integration of alarm design in fault detection and diagnosis through alarm-range normalizationLucke, M; Chioua, M; Grimholt, C; Hollender, M; Thornhill, NF, et al
28-Oct-2020Monitoring statistics and tuning of kernel principal component analysis with radial basis function kernelsTan, R; Ottewill, JR; Thornhill, NF; , et al
1-Sep-2020Non-stationary discrete convolution kernel for multimodal process monitoringTan, R; Ottewill, JR; Thornhill, NF; , et al
29-Aug-2018On improving fault detection and diagnosis using alarm-range normalisationLucke, M; Chioua, M; Grimholt, C; Hollender, M; Thornhill, NF, et al
2-Jul-2019Statistical monitoring of processes with multiple operating modesTan, R; Cong, T; Thornhill, NF; Ottewill, JR; Baranowski, J, et al
2-Jul-2019Turbomachinery degradation monitoring using adaptive trend analysisZagorowska, M; Ditlefsen, A-M; Thornhill, NF; Skourup, C; , et al