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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Oct-2017A new method for the characterization of temperature dependent thermo-physical propertiesPavlov, TR; Staicu, D; Vlahovic, L; Konings, RJM; Van Uffelen, P, et al
10-Mar-2017A new numerical method and modified apparatus for the simultaneous evaluation of thermo-physical properties above 1500 K: A case study on isostatically pressed graphitePavlov, T; Vlahovic, L; Staicu, D; Konings, RJM; Wenman, MR, et al
28-Feb-2015Accommodation of tin in tetragonal ZrO2Bell, BDC; Murphy, ST; Burr, PA; Grimes, RW; Wenman, MR, et al
1-Jun-2013Axisymmetric whole pin life modelling of advanced gas-cooled reactor nuclear fuelMella, R; Wenman, MR
1-Apr-2019Comment on "The two-step nucleation of G-phase in ferrite", the authors: Y. Matsukawa et al. Acta Mater 2016; 116:104-133King, DJM; Wenman, MR;
7-Oct-2020Cu and Sb in tetragonal ZrO2 on fuel claddingThan, YR; Wenman, MR; Grimes, RW
1-Jul-2018Density functional theory study of the magnetic moment of solute Mn in bcc FeKing, DJM; Middleburgh, SC; Burr, PA; Whiting, TM; Fossati, PC, et al
19-Jun-2017Discrete dislocation plasticity modeling of hydrides in zirconium under thermal cyclingPatel, M; Waheed, S; Wenman, MR; Sutton, AP; Balint, DS, et al
Sep-2020Effects of heat treatment on residual stresses in the laser powder bed fusion of 316L stainless steel: Finite element predictions and neutron diffraction measurementsWilliams, RJ; Vecchiato, F; Kelleher, J; Wenman, MR; Hooper, PA, et al
1-Dec-2016Experimental evaluation of the high temperature thermo- physical properties of UO2Pavlov, T; Vlahovic, L; Staicu, D; Konings, RJM; Wenman, MR, et al
13-Sep-2015Finite element modelling of pellet-clad interaction during operational transientsHaynes, T; Shea, JH; Ball, JA; Wenman, MR
21-Dec-2016First-principles calculation of the elastic dipole tensor of a point defect: Application to hydrogen in α-zirconiumSutton, AP; Nazarov, R; Majevadia, JS; Patel, M; Wenman, MR, et al
9-Oct-2015From solid solution to cluster formation of Fe and Cr in α-ZrBurr, PA; Wenman, MR; Gault, B; Moody, MP; Ivermark, M, et al
15-Jan-2020G-phase strengthened iron alloys by designKing, DJM; Yang, M; Whiting, TM; Liu, X; Wenman, MR, et al
22-Mar-2018High temperature measurements and condensed matter analysis of the thermo-physical properties of ThO2Pavlov, TR; Wangle, T; Wenman, MR; Tyrpekl, V; Vlahovic, L, et al
1-Apr-2013Hydrogen accommodation in Zr second phase particles: Implications for H pick-up and hydriding of Zircaloy-2 and Zircaloy-4Burr, PA; Murphy, ST; Lumley, SC; Wenman, MR; Grimes, RW
1-Nov-2013Hydrogen solubility in zirconium intermetallic second phase particlesBurr, PA; Murphy, ST; Lumley, SC; Wenman, MR; Grimes, RW
17-May-2016In-situ digital image correlation for fracture analysis of oxides formed on zirconium alloysPlatt, P; Lunt, D; Polatidis, E; Wenman, MR; Preuss, M
15-Oct-2017Measurement and interpretation of the thermo-physical properties of UO2 at high temperatures: the viral effect of oxygen defectsPavlov, TR; Wenman, MR; Vlahovic, L; Robba, D; Konings, RJM, et al
1-Oct-2018Modelling and experimental analysis of the effect of solute iron in thermally grown Zircaloy-4 oxidesThan, YR; Wenman, MR; Bell, BDC; Ortner, SR; Swan, H, et al