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12-May-2020Fats’ love–hate relationships: a molecular dynamics simulation and hands-on experiment outreach activity to introduce the amphiphilic nature and biological functions of lipids to young students and the general publicTascini, AS; Wang, S; Seddon, JM; Bresme, F; Chen, R, et al
21-Jan-2019Mechanisms of lipid extraction from skin lipid bilayers by sebum triglyceridesTascini, AS; Noro, MG; Seddon, JM; Chen, R; Bresme, F, et al
21-Dec-2016Thermal transport across nanoparticle-fluid interfaces: the interplay of interfacial curvature and nanoparticle-fluid interactionsTascini, AS; Armstrong, J; Chiavazzo, E; Fasano, M; Asinari, P, et al
2-Jan-2018Understanding the interactions between sebum triglycerides and water: a molecular dynamics simulation study.Tascini, AS; Noro, MG; Chen, R; Seddon, JM; Bresme, F, et al