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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jan-2019On library correctness under weak memory consistency: specifying and verifying concurrent libraries under declarative consistency modelsRaad, A; Doko, M; Rozic, L; Lahav, O; Vafeiadis, V
11-Jan-2019On the semantics of snapshot isolationRaad, A; Lahav, O; Vafeiadis, V; Enea, C; Piskac, R
Jan-2021PerSeVerE: persistency semantics for verification under ext4.Kokologiannakis, M; Kaysin, I; Raad, A; Vafeiadis, V
1-Nov-2018Persistence semantics for weak memory: integrating epoch persistency with the TSO memory model.Raad, A; Vafeiadis, V
1-Jan-2020Persistency semantics of the Intel-x86 architectureRaad, A; Wickerson, J; Neiger, G; Vafeiadis, V;
13-Nov-2020Persistent owicki-gries reasoning: a program logic for reasoning about persistent programs on Intel-x86Raad, A; Lahav, O; Vafeiadis, V
9-Oct-2016Verifying concurrent graph algorithmsRaad, A; Hobor, A; Villard, J; Gardner, P; , et al
-View-based Owicki-Gries reasoning for persistent x86-TSOBila, E; Dongol, B; Lahav, O; Raad, A; Wickerson, J, et al
10-Oct-2019Weak persistency semantics from the ground up: formalising the persistency semantics of ARMv8 and transactional modelsRaad, A; Wickerson, J; Vafeiadis, V;