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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2011Programmed death ligand 1 is over-expressed by neutrophils in the blood of patients with active tuberculosisMcNab, FW; Berry, MPR; Graham, CM; Bloch, SAA; Oni, T, et al
3-Feb-2017Signatures of malaria-associated pathology revealed by high-resolution whole-blood transcriptomics in a rodent model of malaria.Lin, JW; Sodenkamp, J; Cunningham, D; Deroost, K; Tshitenge, TC, et al
1-Jan-2012Systems Biology Approaches Reveal a Specific Interferon-Inducible Signature in HTLV-1 Associated MyelopathyTattermusch, S; Skinner, JA; Chaussabel, D; Banchereau, J; Berry, MP, et al
10-Jul-2017T Cell-Derived IL-10 Impairs Host Resistance to Mycobacterium tuberculosis InfectionMoreira-Teixeira, L; Redford, PS; Stavropoulos, E; Ghilardi, N; Maynard, CL, et al
5-Oct-2016The Transcriptional Signature of Active Tuberculosis Reflects Symptom Status in Extra-Pulmonary and Pulmonary TuberculosisBlankley, S; Graham, CM; Turner, J; Berry, MPR; Bloom, CI, et al
1-Nov-2018The value of transcriptomics in advancing knowledge of the immune response and diagnosis in tuberculosisSinghania, A; Wilkinson, RJ; Rodrigue, M; Haldar, P; O'Garra, A
5-Aug-2013Transcriptional Blood Signatures Distinguish Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Pulmonary Sarcoidosis, Pneumonias and Lung CancersBloom, CI; Graham, CM; Berry, MPR; Rozakeas, F; Redford, PS, et al
28-Jun-2019Transcriptional profiling unveils type I and II interferon networks in blood and tissues across diseasesSinghania, A; Graham, CM; Gabrysova, L; Moreira-Teixeira, L; Stavropoulos, E, et al
2020Transcriptomic analysis reveals diverse gene expression changes in airway macrophages during experimental allergic airway disease.Branchett, WJ; O'Garra, A; Lloyd, CM
7-Dec-2021Transcriptomic characterization of tuberculous sputum reveals a host Warburg effect and microbial cholesterol catabolismLai, RP-J; Cortes, T; Marais, S; Rockwood, N; Burke, M, et al
2-Dec-2016Type I IFN inhibits alternative macrophage activation during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection and leads to enhanced protection in the absence of IFN-gamma signalingMoreira-Teixeira, L; Sousa, J; McNab, FW; Torrado, E; Cardoso, F, et al
7-May-2018Type I interferons in tuberculosis: Foe and occasionally friendMoreira-Teixeira, L; Mayer-Barber, K; Sher, A; O'Garra, A