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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Dec-2021Formation mechanism and porosity development in porous boron nitridePetit, C; L'Hermitte, A; Dawson, D; Ferrer, P; Roy, K, et al
25-Feb-2021Real-time monitoring and hydrodynamic scaling of shear exfoliated grapheneStafford, J; Uzo, N; Farooq, U; Favero, S; Wang, S, et al
-Simultaneous estimation of gas adsorption equilibria and kinetics of individual shaped adsorbentsAzzan, H; Rajagopalan, AK; L'Hermitte, A; Pini, R; Petit, C
15-Oct-2022Using silver exchange to achieve high uptake and selectivity for propylene/ propane separation in zeolite YXiong, Y; Tian, T; L'Hermitte, A; Mendez, ASJ; Danaci, D, et al