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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Aug-2021Distinct molecular signatures of clinical clusters in people with Type 2 diabetes: an IMIRHAPSODY study.Slieker, RC; Donnelly, LA; Fitipaldi, H; Bouland, GA; Giordano, GN, et al
1-Jan-2018Integrative network analysis highlights biological processes underlying GLP-1 stimulated insulin secretion: A DIRECT study.Gudmundsdottir, V; Pedersen, HK; Allebrandt, KV; Brorsson, C; Van Leeuwen, N, et al
25-Oct-2017Metabolite ratios as potential biomarkers for type 2 diabetes: a DIRECT studyMolnos, S; Wahl, S; Haid, M; Eekhoff, EMW; Pool, R, et al
1-Jun-2020Predicting and elucidating the etiology of fatty liver disease: A machine learning modeling and validation study in the IMI DIRECT cohortsAtabaki-Pasdar, N; Ohlsson, M; Vinuela, A; Frau, F; Pomares-Millan, H, et al