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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Mar-2016Alginate for cardiac regeneration: From seaweed to clinical trials.Liberski, A; Latif, N; Raynaud, C; Bollensdorff, C; Yacoub, M
26-Mar-2020Analysis of HCM in an understudied population reveals a new mechanism of pathogenicityAllouba, M; Aguib, Y; Walsh, R; Afify, A; Theotokis, P, et al
17-Mar-2022Atypical expression of smooth muscle markers and co-activators and their regulation in rheumatic aortic and calcified bicuspid valvesLatif, N; Sarathchandra, P; Mccormack, A; Yacoub, M; Chester, A
1-Dec-2021Biocompatibility and application of carbon fibres in heart valve tissue engineeringLatif, N; Tseng, Y; Grace, N; Aguib, H; Sarathchandra, P, et al
23-Oct-2018Cardiac regeneration following cryoinjury in the adult zebrafish targets a maturation-specific biomechanical remodeling programYu, JK; Sarathchandra, P; Chester, A; Yacoub, M; Brand, T, et al
Feb-2021EslB is required for cell wall biosynthesis and modification in Listeria monocytogenes.Rismondo, J; Schulz, LM; Yacoub, M; Wadhawan, A; Hoppert, M, et al
30-Apr-2015Genetic modifiers to the PLN L39X mutation in a patient with DCM and sustained ventricular tachycardia?Sanoudou, D; Kolokathis, F; Arvanitis, D; Al-Shafai, K; Krishnamoorthy, N, et al
23-Jun-2019Genomics of Egyptian healthy volunteers: the EHVol studyAguib, Y; Allouba, M; Afify, A; Halawa, S; ElKhateb, M, et al
22-Dec-2020Global burden of cardiovascular diseases and risk factors, 1990-2019: update from the GBD 2019 study.Roth, GA; Mensah, GA; Johnson, CO; Addolorato, G; Ammirati, E, et al
30-Sep-2016Knitting for heart valve tissue engineering.Liberski, A; Ayad, N; Wojciechowska, D; ZieliƄska, D; Struszczyk, MH, et al
30-Nov-2020Microstructure of the juvenile sheep aortic valve hinge region and the trilamellar sliding hypothesis.Yacoub, M; Tseng, Y-T; Mitchelson, B; Latif, N
31-Aug-2021New variant with a previously unrecognized mechanism of pathogenicity in hypertrophic cardiomyopathyAguib, Y; Allouba, M; Walsh, R; Ibrahim, AM; Halawa, S, et al
1-Oct-2021Organ culture model of aortic valve calcificationChester, A; Sarathchandra, P; Mccormack, A; Yacoub, M
18-Jul-2014RF communication with implantable wireless device: effects of beating heart on performance of miniature antennaMurphy, OH; Borghi, A; Bahmanyar, MR; McLeod, CN; Navaratnarajah, M, et al
13-Apr-2016Spatial Orientation and Morphology of the Pulmonary Artery: Relevance to Optimising Design and Positioning of a Continuous Pressure Monitoring DeviceLee, S; Aguib, H; Chapron, J; Bahmanyar, R; Borghi, A, et al
26-Jan-2021Systematic large-scale assessment of the genetic architecture of left ventricular non-compaction reveals diverse aetiologiesMazzarotto, F; Hawley, MH; Beltrami, M; Beekman, L; De Marvao, A, et al
23-Oct-2020The Egyptian collaborative cardiac genomics (ECCO-GEN) Project: defining a healthy volunteer cohortAguib, Y; Allouba, M; Afify, A; Halawa, S; El-Khatib, M, et al
1-Jan-2022Titin-truncating mutations associated with dilated cardiomyopathy alter length-dependent activation and its modulation via phosphorylationVikhorev, P; Vikhoreva, N; Yeung, W; Li, A; Sean, L, et al
31-Mar-2017Towards developing a vaccine for rheumatic heart diseaseGandhi, GD; Krishnamoorthy, N; Motal, UMA; Yacoub, M