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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Oct-2014A novel common variant in DCST2 is associated with length in early life and height in adulthoodVan der Valk, RJP; Kreiner-Moller, E; Kooijman, MN; Guxens, M; Stergiakouli, E, et al
5-Mar-2015Cardiometabolic risk factors in young ddults who were born pretermSipola-Leppanen, M; Vaarasmaki, M; Tikanmaki, M; Matinolli, H-M; Miettola, S, et al
1-Mar-2018Food and nutrient intakes in young adults born pretermMatinolli, H-M; Mannisto, S; Sipola-Leppanen, M; Tikanmaki, M; Heinonen, K, et al
10-Oct-2017GWAS on prolonged gestation (post-term birth): analysis of successive Finnish birth cohorts.Schierding, W; Antony, J; Karhunen, V; Vaarasmaki, M; Franks, S, et al
19-Oct-2018Lung function in adults born pretermNasanen-Gilmore, P; Sipola-Leppanen, M; Tikanmaki, M; Matinolli, H-M; Eriksson, JG, et al
23-Jul-2020Maternal pre-pregnancy overweight and gestational diabetes and dietary intakes among young adult offspringKaseva, N; Vaarasmaki, M; Matinolli, H-M; Sipola, M; Tikanmaki, M, et al
15-Feb-2017Objectively measured physical activity and sedentary time in young adults born preterm-The ESTER studyTikanmaki, M; Tammelin, T; Kaseva, N; Sipola-Leppanen, M; Matinolli, H-M, et al
12-May-2016Physical fitness in young adults born pretermTikanmaki, M; Tammelin, T; Sipola-Leppanen, M; Kaseva, N; Matinolli, H-M, et al
20-Apr-2017Prenatal determinants of physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness in adolescence - Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1986 studyTikanmaki, M; Tammelin, T; Vaarasmaki, M; Sipola-Leppanen, M; Miettola, S, et al
1-May-2010Risks of overweight and abdominal obesity at age 16 years associated with prenatal exposures to maternal prepregnancy overweight and gestational diabetes mellitusPirkola, J; Pouta, A; Bloigu, A; Hartikainen, A-L; Laitinen, J, et al
21-Sep-2015Trans-ancestry genome-wide association study identifies 12 genetic loci influencing blood pressure and implicates a role for DNA methylationKato, N; Loh, M; Takeuchi, F; Verweij, N; Wang, X, et al