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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Aug-2015A unified position analysis of the Dixon and the generalized Peaucellier linkagesRojas, N; Dollar, AM; Thomas, F
12-Jan-2018Distance geometry in active structuresPorta, JM; Rojas, N; Thomas, F; Ottaviano, E; Pelliccio, A, et al
4-Nov-2010Distance-based position analysis of the three seven-link Assur kinematic chainsRojas, N; Thomas, F
Aug-2021Estimating the effect of social distancing Interventions on COVID-19 in the United StatesOlney, A; Smith, J; Sen, S; Thomas, F; Unwin, H, et al
18-Jun-2012Formulating Assur kinematic chains as projective extensions of Baranov trussesRojas, N; Thomas, F
22-May-2017Forward kinematics of the general triple-arm robot using a distance-based formulationRojas, N; Thomas, F
16-Dec-2011On closed-form solutions to the position analysis of Baranov trussesRojas, N; Thomas, F
22-Mar-2021Volumetric occupancy mapping with probabilistic depth completion for robotic navigationPopovic, M; Thomas, F; Papatheodorou, S; Funk, N; Vidal-Calleja, T, et al