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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2015Biodegradable nanoneedles for localized delivery of nanoparticles in vivo: Exploring the biointerfaceChiappini, C; Martinez, JO; De Rosa, E; Almeida, CS; Tasciotti, E, et al
1-May-2015Biodegradable silicon nanoneedles delivering nucleic acids intracellularly induce localized in vivo neovascularization.Chiappini, C; De Rosa, E; Martinez, JO; Liu, X; Steele, J, et al
2-Oct-2015Porous silicon nanoneedles by metal assisted chemical etch for intracellular sensing and deliveryChiappini, C; De Rosa, E; Martinez, JO; Campagnolo, P; Almeida, C, et al
1-Jan-2013Synthetic nanoparticles functionalized with biomimetic leukocyte membranes possess cell-like functions.Parodi, A; Quattrocchi, N; van de Ven, AL; Chiappini, C; Evangelopoulos, M, et al
6-Apr-2010Tailored Porous Silicon Microparticles: Fabrication and PropertiesChiappini, C; Tasciotti, E; Fakhoury, JR; Fine, D; Pullan, L, et al
23-Jun-2020Toward nanotechnology-enabled approaches against the COVID-19 pandemicWeiss, C; Carriere, M; Fusco, L; Capua, I; Regla-Nava, JA, et al