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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Aug-2022Intrinsic cell rheology drives junction maturationSri-Ranjan, K; Sanchez-Alonso, JL; Swiatlowska, P; Rothery, S; Novak, P, et al
3-Dec-2019Junction Mapper is a novel computer vision tool to decipher cell-cell contact phenotypes.Brezovjakova, H; Tomlinson, C; Mohd Naim, N; Swiatlowska, P; Erasmus, JE, et al
1-Jan-2021Junctophilin-2 tethers T-tubules and recruits functional L-type calcium channels to lipid rafts in adult cardiomyocytesPoulet, C; Sanchez-Alonso, J; Swiatlowska, P; Mouy, F; Lucarelli, C, et al
7-Aug-2020Mediastinal lymphadenopathy, class-switched auto-antibodies and myocardial immune-complexes during heart failure in rodents and humansSintou, A; Mansfield, C; Iacob, A-O; Chowdhury, RA; Narodden, S, et al
27-Jan-2020Microtubules regulate cardiomyocyte transversal Young's modulus.Swiatlowska, P; Sanchez-Alonso, JL; Wright, PT; Novak, P; Gorelik, J
13-Mar-2019Persistent anti-heart autoimmunity causes cardiomyocyte damage in chronic heart failureSintou, A; Rifai, SE; Mansfield, C; Rothery, S; Sanchez Alonso, J, et al
28-Jul-2020Short-term angiotensin II treatment regulates cardiac nanomechanics via microtubule modifications.Swiatlowska, P; Sanchez-Alonso, JL; Mansfield, C; Scaini, D; Korchev, Y, et al