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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Sep-2015On the use of semi-distributed and fully-distributed urban stormwater modelsPina, RD; Ochoa Rodriguez, S; Simoes, NE; Mijic, A; Sa Marques, A, et al
30-Jun-2015Semi- vs. fully-distributed urban stormwater modelsPina, R; Ochoa-Rodriguez, S; Simoes, N; Mijic, A; Sa Marques, A, et al
31-Dec-2014Semi-distributed or fully distributed rainfall-runoff models for urban pluvial flood modelling?Pina, R; Ochoa-Rodriguez, S; Simoes, N; Mijic, A; Sa Marques, A, et al
30-Sep-2015Stochastic evaluation of sewer inlet capacity on urban pluvial floodingLeitao, J; Simoes, N; Pina, RD; Ochoa-Rodriguez, S; Onof, C, et al
30-Jun-2015Stochastic urban pluvial flood hazard maps based upon a spatial-temporal rainfall generatorSimoes, NUNO; Ochoa Rodriguez, SUSANA; Wang, LI-PEN; Pina, RUI; Sa Marques, A, et al
31-Dec-2014Stochastic urban pluvial flood mapping based upon a spatial-temporal stochastic rainfall generatorSimoes, N; Leitao, J; Ochoa-Rodriguez, S; Wang, L; Sa Marques, A
20-Sep-2015Urban stormwater modelling with MOHIDPina, RD; Braunshweig, F; Silva, A; Ochoa Rodriguez, S; Simoes, NE, et al