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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Aug-2021Effect of wall type, delayed mortality and mosquito age on the residual efficacy of a clothianidin-based indoor residual spray formulation (SumiShield™ 50WG) in southern MozambiqueMarti-Soler, H; Máquina, M; Opiyo, M; Alafo, C; Sherrard-Smith, E, et al
20-Apr-2022Household modifications after the indoor residual spraying (IRS) campaign in Mozambique reduce the actual spray coverage and efficacyOpiyo, M; Sherrard-Smith, E; Malheia, A; Nhacolo, A; Sacoor, C, et al
30-Nov-2017malERA: An updated research agenda for insecticide and drug resistance in malaria elimination and eradicationChurcher, T; Chanda, E; Coetzee, M; Davenport, M; Diabate, A, et al