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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jun-2014Climate change and geothermal ecosystems: natural laboratories, sentinel systems, and future refugiaO'Gorman, EJ; Benstead, JP; Cross, WF; Friberg, N; Hood, JM, et al
9-Aug-2019Consistent temperature dependence of functional response parameters and their use in predicting population abundanceArcher, LC; Sohistroem, EH; Gallo, B; Jochum, M; Woodward, G, et al
1-Nov-2013Diatoms can be an important exception to temperature-size rules at species and community levels of organizationAdams, GL; Pichler, DE; Cox, EJ; O'Gorman, EJ; Seeney, A, et al
1-Oct-2014FORUM Ecological networks: the missing links in biomonitoring scienceGray, C; Baird, DJ; Baumgartner, S; Jacob, U; Jenkins, GB, et al
6-Oct-2017Interactive effects of temperature and habitat complexity on freshwater communitiesScrine, J; Jochum, M; Ólafsson, JS; O'Gorman, EJ; , et al
1-Jun-2019Predator traits determine food-web architecture across ecosystemsBrose, U; Archambault, P; Barnes, AD; Bersier, L-F; Boy, T, et al
1-May-2018Soil temperature effects on the structure and diversity of plant and invertebrate communities in a natural warming experimentRobinson, SI; McLaughlin, ÓB; Marteinsdóttir, B; O'Gorman, EJ; , et al
7-Mar-2017Temperature Effects on Biomass and Regeneration of Vegetation in a Geothermal AreaNishar, A; Bader, MK-F; O'Gorman, EJ; Deng, J; Breen, B, et al
3-Mar-2016Temperature effects on fish production across a natural thermal gradientO'Gorman, EJ; Ólafsson, Ó; Demars, BOL; Friberg, N; Guðbergsson, G, et al
1-Sep-2020Urbanisation affects ecosystem functioning more than structure in tropical streamsWiederkehr, F; Wilkinson, CL; Zeng, Y; Yeo, DCJ; Ewers, RM, et al
17-Dec-2021Using food webs and metabolic theory to monitor, model, and manage Atlantic salmon - a keystone species under threatWoodward, G; Morris, O; Barquin, J; Belgrano, A; Bull, C, et al
27-Jun-2016Weighting and indirect effects identify keystone species in food websZhao, L; Moore, J; O'Gorman, EJ; Borett, S; Tian, W, et al