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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Mar-2022Additive-free, low-temperature crystallization of stable alpha-FAPbI(3) perovskiteDu, T; Macdonald, TJ; Yang, RX; Li, M; Jiang, Z, et al
2-Sep-2021Aerosol assisted solvent treatment: a universal method for performance and stability enhancements in perovskite solar cellsDu, T; Ratnasingham, SR; Kosasih, FU; Macdonald, T; Mohan, L, et al
9-May-2022Asymmetric charge carrier transfer and transport in planar lead halide perovskite solar cellsXu, W; Du, T; Sachs, M; Macdonald, TJ; Min, G, et al
1-Apr-2018Copper (I) selenocyanate (CuSeCN) as a novel hole-transport layer for transistors, organic solar cells, and light-emitting diodesWijeyasinghe, N; Tsetseris, L; Regoutz, A; Sit, WY; Fei, Z, et al
28-Jul-2017Copper(I) Thiocyanate (CuSCN) Hole-Transport Layers Processed from Aqueous Precursor Solutions and Their Application in Thin-Film Transistors and Highly Efficient Organic and Organometal Halide Perovskite Solar CellsWijeyasinghe, N; Regoutz, A; Eisner, F; Du, T; Tsetseris, L, et al
15-Sep-2021Correlating active layer structure and composition with device performance and lifetime in amino acid modified perovskite solar cellsLin, C-T; Xu, W; Macdonald, T; Ngiam, J; Kim, J-H, et al
8-Aug-2018Elucidating the origins of sub-gap tail states and open-circuit voltage in methylammonium lead triiodide perovskite solar cellsDu, T; Kim, J; Ngiam, J; Xu, S; Barnes, P, et al
8-Aug-2018Elucidating the origins of subgap tail states and open-circuit voltage in methylammonium lead triiodide perovskite solar cellsDu, T; Kim, J; Ngiam, J; Xu, S; Barnes, PRF, et al
7-May-2020Enhancing the operational stability of unencapsulated perovskite solar cells through Cu-Ag bilayer electrode incorporationLin, C-T; Ngiam, J; Xu, S; Chang, Y-H; Du, T, et al
14-Dec-2018Excitation density dependent photoluminescence quenching and charge transfer efficiencies in hybrid perovskite/organic semiconductor bilayersKim, J; Godin, R; Dimitrov, SD; Du, T; Bryant, D, et al
1-Mar-2017Formation, location and beneficial role of PbI2 in lead halide perovskite solar cellsDu, T; Burgess, C; Kim, J; Zhang, J; Durrant, J, et al
20-Aug-2020Light-intensity and thickness dependent efficiency of planar perovskite solar cells: charge recombination versus extractionDu, T; Xu, W; Xu, S; Ratnasingham, SR; Lin, C-T, et al
21-Jan-2022Overcoming nanoscale inhomogeneities in thin-film perovskites via exceptional post-annealing grain growth for enhanced photodetectionDu, T; Richheimer, F; Frohna, K; Gasparini, N; Mohan, L, et al
28-Aug-2019p-Doping of organic hole transport layers in p–i–n perovskite solar cells: correlating open-circuit voltage and photoluminescence quenchingDu, T; Xu, W; Daboczi, M; Kim, J; Xu, S, et al
1-Aug-2018Passivation of oxygen and light induced degradation by the PCBM electron transport layer in planar perovskite solar cellsLin, C; Pont, S; Kim, J; Du, T; Xu, S, et al
29-Dec-2021Phosphorene nanoribbon-augmented optoelectronics for enhanced hole extractionMacdonald, T; Clancy, A; Xu, W; Jiang, Z; Lin, C-T, et al
17-Dec-2018Probing and controlling intra-grain crystallinity for improved low-temperature processed perovskite solar cellsDu, T; Burgess, C; Lin, C-T; Eisner, F; Kim, J, et al
15-Jan-2018Tuning charge carrier dynamics and surface passivation in organolead halide perovskites with capping ligands and metal oxide interfacesGodin, R; Ma, X; González-Carrero, S; Du, T; Li, X, et al
5-Feb-2018ZnO-PCBM bilayers as electron transport layers in low-temperature processed perovskite solar cellsZhang, J; Tan, CH; Du, T; Morbidoni, M; Lin, CT, et al