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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Aug-2018A temporally dynamic Foxp3 autoregulatory transcriptional circuit controls the effector Treg programmeBending, D; Paduraru, A; Ducker, C; Prieto Martin, P; Crompton, T, et al
6-Aug-2018A Timer for analyzing temporally dynamic changes in transcription during differentiation in vivoBending, D; Prieto Martin, P; Paduraru, A; Marzaganov, E; Laviron, M, et al
2-May-2008Splenomegaly and modified erythropoiesis in KLF13(-/-) miceGordon, AR; Outram, SV; Keramatipour, M; Goddard, CA; Colledge, WH, et al