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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Nov-20150160 A bespoke mobile trolley maximises the benefits of in-situ simulation training to improve patient safetyLane, M; Woods, J; Chamberlain, L; Lofton, L; Burmester, M, et al
30-Nov-20150176 Perspectives of the value of interprofessional simulation training by participant backgroundForshaw, N; Lane, M; Lofton, L; Burmester, M
30-Nov-2014A Feasibility Study of Parents’ Perceptions of close proximity in-situ Simulation within a Paediatric Cardiorespiratory Intensive Care Unit and WardLofton, L; Gruendler, K; Combes, J; Lane, M; DeCosta, K, et al
1-Apr-2015G464(P) Time to discuss prevention strategies for group b streptococcus diseaseSalehian, S; Rastogi, A; Fraisse, A; Ghez, O; Burmester, M
17-Oct-2013Impact of an open-chest extracorporeal membrane oxygenation model for in situ simulated team training: a pilot studyAtamanyuk, I; Ghez, O; Saeed, I; Lane, M; Hall, J, et al
2-Nov-2015Inter-professional in-situ simulated team and resuscitation training for patient safety: Description and impact of a programmatic approachBurmester, M; stocker, M
24-Feb-2016Interprofessional team management in pediatric critical care: some challenges and possible solutionsStocker, M; Pilgrim, SB; Burmester, M; Allen, ML; Gijselaers, WH
1-Feb-2018Mitigating latent threats identified through an embedded in-situ simulation programme and their comparison to patient safety incidents: a retrospective reviewBurmester, M; Knight, P; Lane, M; Desai, A; Haxby, E, et al
27-Sep-2016Mitral valve replacement in neonatal endocarditis: time to discuss prevention strategies for Group B streptococcus diseaseSalehian, S; Rastogi, A; Ghez, O; Burmester, M
3-Apr-2014Optimisation of simulated team training through the application of learning theories: a debate for a conceptual frameworkStocker, M; Burmester, M; Allen, M
1-Dec-2013Reliability of team-based self-monitoring in critical events: A pilot studyStocker, M; Menadue, L; Kakat, S; De Costa, K; Combes, J, et al
30-Nov-2015Simulated and anticipatory frontline education quality improvement project (SAFEQIP)Macgloin, H; Lofton, L; Lentaigne, J; Korb, C; Desai, A, et al